This photo was taken by who very kindly agreed to let me play with the capture and add my twist to it, and then even more wonderfully agreed to let me post it. So, I take no credit for the composition or capture of this brilliant pic. Despite it not being shot by myself I really wanted to have a play with my editing apps and see what I could come up with, I’m really quite pleased with the outcome!

It was taken in beautiful Scotland (near Edinburgh).

The Edit…

First I went into a standard app with editing feature (camera+) and drew up the colour saturation, saved and repeated with the new image. I then went back to the original image and turned it black and white, applied some HDR for definition and then combined the fully saturated picture and black and white image in a manual HDR app. I then raised the contrast and saturation levels and warmed the tone. This edit was then run through a noise reducer before I finally ran the last image through a texturising app and added a light grunge filter. Taken on an iPhone5 and edited with an iPhone4S.




Original (credit to