Natural history 

   Taken in the natural history museum in london, love the symmetry 

Shards of Silver

  Taken on Friday evening as I walked to the station, shot on the Fuji and then given my typical monochrome edit. 


      I love this shot, taken with the Fuji x100t whilst waiting at St Pancras station, No filters whatsoever… Just as is.


   London St Pancras station, taken on the Fuji and then iPhone edited.


  A park in Aguila, Spain with the most amazing amount of white doves, some even posed for me!! Taken on my iPhone6

Time to contradict

  Taken with my new ‘baby’ a Fuji X100T, the original was beautiful in itself but I wanted to give it one of my chrome looks, this was shot from the hip in… Continue reading

Ave Maria 

   Small church in a square in Spain, taken and edited on iphone6, I like the textures in the picture and chose not to ‘smooth’ them out.


   A doorway in aguila, Spain. Edited and taken on iPhone6 

Tropicana español

   Taken from a bar on the beach at aguila, given a tropical make-over! All on iPhone 6.

Cloud 9

Dawn on the beach in Hanioti… Pure heaven